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Modular buildings are extremely versatile prefabricated buildings that offer an efficient, cost-effective alternative to traditional construction for customers seeking long-term temporary or permanent facilities. Available fully or partially assembled, modular buildings can go from a blueprint to fully functioning space in a matter of weeks. Modular buildings are used for applications across the board, including, but not limited to: disaster relief housing, military barracks, construction site offices, booths, guard houses, schools and universities, gyms, modular offices, storage buildings, temporary medical treatment facilities and churches. Other descriptions that are frequently used interchangeable with “modular buildings” include: portable buildings, prefab buildings, prefabricated buildings and pre-engineered buildings.

Modular buildings are available a wide variety of stock designs and layouts or they made be constructed for specific requirements. They can also be rearranged and relocated and they can be constructed as add-ons to or partitions for existing permanent structures. Usually, they’re made from polyvinyl, lumber or a strong metal like steel. Steel is a popular choice because it is both strong and corrosion resistant, so buildings made from it can resist deterioration imposed by extreme weather conditions and temperatures. This means steel modular buildings can be built to last in a variety of environments, from rural central America to the Alaskan tundra. Another metal commonly used in modular building construction is aluminum, which offers corrosion and oxidation resistance, with high temperature and electrical conductivity and a light weight. Aluminum modular buildings are known for their flexibility in size and use, durability and convenience. “Prefabrication’ can refer to a number of things, but in this case, it refers to the factory-made components, modules or movable sections of a structure or building. Prefab buildings come equipped with everything one might need, such as floor trusses, windows, HVAC systems, walls, electrical wiring, interior finishes and lighting. They can be enhanced with paint, trim and other design elements.

Some Leading Manufacturers

Abtech, Inc.

Santa Ana, CA | 800-394-7699

Here at Abtech, Inc. we are a reliable manufacturer of high quality modular buildings. We have manufacturing experiences dating back to 1992 and our teams are great at anticipating your needs. We keep all of your production goals in mind which results in short lead times. Our mission is to provide you with hassle-free solutions. Please give us a call today if you would like to learn more information.

Par-Kut International, Inc.

Harrison Township, MI | 586-468-2947

Turn to Par-Kut International, Inc. for uncompromising modular buildings. You can count on us to assist you through every stage of our process. These affordable products are versatile and long-lasting. Just let us know your application and we can handle the rest. We have been manufacturing modular buildings since 1954 and we are eager to work with your business. Please give us a call today!

United Partition Systems, Inc.

Ontario, CA | 800-959-0878

If you are looking for a modular building then you have come to the right place. Here at United Partition Systems, Inc. we specialize in creating outstanding modular buildings at a very fair price. You can count on us to support you every step of the way. Our products are designed to exceed your expectations. For proven modular buildings please give us a call today!

Mecart, Inc.

Osage, IA | 866-463-2278

In the modular building industry, Mecart has demonstrated leadership and has created client trust through commitment to quality and innovative design and manufacturing. We provide our customers with a variety of modular building solutions, including modular offices, control rooms, cabins, electrical rooms, cleanrooms, laboratories, studios, and more. At Mecart, your project is our passion! Give us a call today and create your modular building solution!

Modular Engineering Company

Erie, PA | 814-838-6551

For more than 25 years, Modular Engineering Company has designed and manufactured high-quality, cost-effective modular structures. With state-of-the-art facilities, we can quickly and efficiently engineer and construct a modular building solution to your specifications. We work closely with our customers to ensure that all of your requirements are satisfied. At Modular Engineering, we offer safer and more reliable modular buildings!

This style of building is offers many undeniable advantages over traditional construction; it offers factory-controlled quality, cost reduction, faster construction, flexibility and portability. Because so many modular buildings are fabricated from stock designs, they tend to be subject to fewer delays, including both those related to the design process, supply shortage, labor shortage and the general construction process. Oftentimes, modular buildings need only to be assembled on-site, rather than constructed on-site. In addition, modular buildings can be occupied more quickly, which means a project or a business can also get underway more quickly. Because the modular building construction timetable is so controllable, some manufacturers even offer installation time guarantees.

The popularity of modular buildings is set to do nothing but increase, especially where conventional materials may be hard to come by, where time is of the essence and in areas with poor access to transportation. While modular buildings are an excellent investment, before taking on a project involving their construction, prefab customers must educate themselves on and consider a number of factors. For example, what are the construction standards in the area? What permits, if any, are required to build a modular structure? Does the building require a foundational structure, and if so, what material should be used to construct it? Choose said material by considering the building’s projected weight, which it must support, as well as the force required to support it and prevent its collapse during inclement weather and harsh conditions. In such an environment, an all-bolted steel floor, for example, might be appropriate. Or, perhaps an anchor, which secures a modular building to the ground through the combined force of straps or cables and turnbuckles or split bolts, would be more appropriate. With the correct choices, a modular building can serve an application, from room partitions to ticket booths to bullet-proof structures, incredibly well.

Abtech, Inc.

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