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A mobile office is a temporary office that can be moved from one point to another. Mobile offices are available in multiple sizes and configurations, from single to double-wide. They can be customized to be fitted on floors, open spaces, or meeting spaces. The major advantage of a mobile office is affordability. Read More…

Mobile Offices Mobile offices function much as their name suggests. Mobile offices are temporary or transportable configurations of equipment and services that allow a person to function as though he or she is working out of a permanent office.
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Santa Ana, CA  |  800-394-7699

As a modular building manufacturer, including inplant modular offices, exterior steel buildings, guard buildings, fork liftable and crane liftable buildings, multi-level buildings and mezzanines, Abtech offers turnkey installations or packages for install by end user. Our modular structures are constructed of steel, are free-standing & manufactured under strict quality control methods.

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Abtech, Inc. $$$

Harrison Township, MI  |  586-468-2947

We offer a wide variety of affordable modular buildings for your convenience. Our engineers are determined to bring you a product with a great value and exceptional customer service. We have been around since 1954 providing portable buildings that are made out of steel.

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Par-Kut International Inc. $$$

Livermore, CA  |  925-453-3193

For over 40 years, Mobile Modular has been a leader in the modular building industry. We offer a wide range of modular buildings, including mobile offices, modular complexes, and blast-resistant modular, as well as customization options to build the best modular buildings for our customer's needs. Mobile Modular also offers temporary and permanent modular buildings to meet the needs of a wide range of industries, including industrial, commercial, and construction. Our customers have the ability to use our 360 3D Visualizer to design modular buildings to ensure all of their needs are met.

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Mobile Modular $$$

Utica, NY  |  800-211-6534

Serving contractors and architects, we offer customized structures to fit your specific needs. We build aluminum buildings, steel buildings, aluminum and steel shelters and bullet-resistant structures. Austin Mohawk and Company's dedication to excellence sets us apart from the rest.

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Austin Mohawk and Company, Inc. $$$

Corona, CA  |  800-959-0878

If you are in need of a modular building then you have come to the right place. Customer satisfaction is paramount to our company and we take extra steps to make your experience with us a positive one. We are recognized as a business leader and our success is based off your success. Contact us today for your next project and let us add you to our list of satisfied customers.

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United Partition Systems, Inc. $$$
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Mobile offices help a company by cutting rental expenses. When using mobile offices, it's important to keep up with the latest technology to facilitate communication in a mobile company. In addition, security is a crucial factor to consider when using a mobile office.

Mobile Offices

Tools for Mobile Offices

When a company or an individual decides to have a mobile office, some tools make a mobile office more effective. For example, mobile offices require companies to store their information, often using secure cloud storage safely. This ensures important files are accessible no matter the location.

A phone answering service and a mail service allow the business to list permanent contact numbers and addresses on the company business cards, even if there is no set address for the office.

Considerations when Choosing Mobile Offices

Some of the considerations when selecting a mobile office include:


Size depends on the number of personnel you intend to accommodate, the amount of floor space you have, the state of the premises, and the interior design. It's important to consider options like a lavatory, individual cabins, or more open space.

Capability to Expand

By imagining and preparing for potential growth, you may future-proof your space. For instance, businesses can experience ongoing growth and need to hire more people, which would increase floor space requirements. In addition, preparing ahead will help you identify the correct mobile office size and save unexpected charges.

Need for Customization

How much customization are you anticipating? Do you wish to make major structural changes? Sometimes the nature of the company calls for extensive customization. In these situations, choose a long lease period and buy the mobile office rather than renting it, as the latter will provide fewer possibilities.

Length of Stay

This important factor will influence your choice between renting and buying. Do you have a long-term requirement or contract? If so, purchasing is advised because you may tweak the office to fit a variety of purposes.

Renting is best suited for temporary or urgent needs. Additionally, if you intend to move to the workplace after each defined term, use mobile furniture that is simple to fold and install.

Rent or Buy

If you decide to buy, consider costs like purchase insurance, maintenance, repair, and disposal costs that come with buying a new or used mobile office. However, you won't have to worry about the rental costs fluctuating and will have more freedom to design your own mobile office.

Types of Mobile Offices

The different types of mobile offices include:

Premium Mobile Offices

Premium mobile offices are flexible, prewired offices with paneled walls that allow for custom design configurations. These custom designs include multiple windows and door options. Premium mobile offices are sophisticated, functional, and aesthetically superior to traditional ones. In addition, these units can connect and stack to create multi-story buildings when there is limited space.

Mobile Offices

Container Offices

These types of mobile offices are ground-level offices. They are most suitable for small projects as well as intermediate needs. Container offices are equipped with heat and AC. They are secure since they have completely welded corrugated exteriors made from steel and window guards made from tamper-proof screws.

Mobile Container Offices

These types of mobile offices are fitted on a solid, leveled foundation. The units are available in various sizes, including an office or storage combination.

Traditional Mobile Office Trailers

Traditional mobile office trailers are tried and true buildings that can be delivered and configured to any size or shape to meet any need. In addition, ramps, skirting, steps, and decks can be added to transform adjacent buildings into larger office complexes.

Applications of Mobile Offices

  • Mobile offices are utilized on construction sites where a permanent office is unnecessary. They are used for construction site work and sheltering construction workers.
  • Mobile offices can be used at home if there is enough space.
  • These offices can be used inside large building structures like warehouses.
  • Mobile offices can be used in meeting spaces.

Benefits of Mobile Offices

  • Mobile offices help by saving companies money. With a mobile office, the money used for commuting can be saved.
  • Mobile offices help by increasing productivity as well as employee well-being.
  • These offices are advantageous because they offer a high flexibility of location. This is more beneficial to contractors or freelancers.
  • Mobile offices are easy to set up at almost any location. Once the mobile office is set up, it's ready for use.
  • Mobile offices are easily portable. One can have a mobile office trailer quickly delivered to their location.
  • Mobile offices save space by connecting the units to build a multi-story building.
  • Mobile offices are incredibly customizable, including features like electricity.

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